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"Vanport Wetlands, Force Lake, Heron Lakes Golf Course, and PDX Fire Station, Portland, Oregon ... May 18, 2018"
The Trip:    Warm overcast morning, went to Vanport Wetlands to look for Blue-winged Teal or Black-necked Stilts, both of which had been seen there yesterday morning ... nothing ... did pick up two new locale area birds however (Vaux's Swift and Northern Rough-winged Swallow) ... next to Force Lake where we had another two new locale birds (Brown-headed Cowbird and House Sparrow) ... next to the Heron Lakes where we had one new locale bird (Wilson's Warbler) ... finally a stop at the PDX Fire Station and had the best bird - a Western Kingbird !!!

Force Lake:    For more birds seen or photographed at Force Lake ... click here.
Heron Lakes:    For more birds seen or photographed at the Heron Lakes Golf Course ... click here.
Vanport Wetlands:    For more birds seen or photographed at Vanport Wetlands ... click here.
PDX Fire Station:    For more birds seen or photographed at the PDX Fire Station ... click here.

North Portland Lakes:    For more birds seen or photographed in the lakes and wetlands in the North Portland area, west of Interstate 5 and bordered by the Columbia River to the north and the Columbia Slough to the south, including Smith and Bybee Lakes, Force Lake, Herons Lakes, and the Vanport Wetlands ... click here.
Columbia River Near PDX:    For more birds seen or photographed along the Columbia River east of the I-5 Bridge ... click here.

Birds seen, heard, or photographed ... (in alphabetical order):
  1. American Coot ... (VPW)
  2. American Crow ... (FL, VPW)
  3. American Wigeon ... (VPW)
  4. Brown-headed Cowbird ... (FL)
  5. Bufflehead ... (VPW)
  6. California Scrub-Jay ... (FL)
  7. Canada Geese ... (FL, HL)
  8. Cinnamon Teal ... (FL, VPW)
  9. Cliff Swallow ... (VPW)
  10. Common Yellowthroat ... (VPW)
  11. European Starling ... (FL, HL, VPW)
  12. Gadwall ... (HL, VPW)
  13. Great Blue Heron ... (VPW)
  14. House Sparrow ... (FL)
  15. Killdeer ... (VPW)
  16. Lesser Scaup ... (VPW)
  17. Mallard ... (FL, VPW)
  18. Marsh Wren ... (VPW)
  19. Northern Pintail ... (VPW)
  20. Northern Rough-winged Swallow ... (VPW)
  21. Pied-billed Grebe ... (FL, VPW)
  22. Redhead ... (VPW)
  23. Red-winged Blackbird ... (FL, VPW)
  24. Ruddy Duck ... (FL, VPW)
  25. Song Sparrow ... (FL)
  26. Spotted Towhee ... (VPW)
  27. Vaux's Swift ... (VPW)
  28. Violet-green Swallow ... (FL, VPW)
  29. Wilson's Warbler ... (HL)
  30. Yellow-headed Blackbird ... (VPW)

PDX Fire Station:
  1. American Crow ...
  2. Eurasian Collared-Dove ...
  3. Sparrow (species) ...
  4.   Western Kingbird ...

Western Kingbird ... MORE Western Kingbird images

Image, 2018, PDX Fire Station, Portland, Oregon, click to enlarge
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Western Kingbird, PDX Fire Station, Portland, Oregon. Image taken May 18, 2018. Nikon P900.


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